Book of Clouds

Wednesday-Saturday, June 7-10, 2017
Baryshnikov Arts Center, John Cage & Merce Cunningham Studio
450 W 37th Street (near 10th Avenue)
Jody Sperling in Book of Clouds

Book of Clouds, UCLA Art|Sci. Photo: John Sisley.

Book of Clouds is a collaborative performance-installation bringing together Time Lapse Dance’s Artistic Director Jody Sperling with Vancouver-based visual artist Amy-Claire Huestis, and composer, sound/video designer Omar Zubair. Collectively, the three create a space for contemplating the celestial sublime. The work utilizes inventive light technologies, movement, and sonic composition to expand our perception of time and space.

Huestis engineers her own magic-lanterns (analog project devices) and uses them to project her extraordinary hand-painted slide-wheels depicting clouds, sun, moon, and other features of the skyscape. Zubair designs the sonic environment, shaping rhythms of light and motion, while layering in a camera-to-live-feed video system. Sperling navigates the celestial projections-scape, imbuing a kinetic energy to the images and embodying the act of gazing.


Amy-Claire Huestis in Book of Clouds. Ph: John Sisley

Events scheduled Wednesday through Saturday allow for a range of intimate experiences calling on us to deepen our relationship with our local skyscape. Join us Wednesday for the first iteration of Book of Clouds and a sunset reception. Thursday we invite you for a science talk about clouds and climate. Friday you’ll have a chance to dialogue with the artists. Saturday there’s a free family workshop and a six-hour durational iteration of the performance-installation. Come early and often!



Wednesday, June 7 – 7:30pm
TLD Benefit – $65 ($30 Artist Rate)
Join us on opening night for a performance of the work Ice Cycle, a Sunset Reception, and the performance-installation Book of Clouds: Iteration I.
7:30pm – Ice Cycle
8:00pm – Sunset & Champagne Reception
8:45pm – Book of Clouds: Iteration I

Thursday, June 8 – 7:30pm
Science Talk + Book of Clouds – $10
This evening begins with a panel discussion with atmospheric scientists and climate educators on the complex interactions between global climate change, cloud formation, and precipitation. Book of Clouds: Iteration II will begin after the talk.
7:30pm – Science Talk
8:25pm – Sunset Intermission
8:45pm – Book of Clouds: Iteration II

Friday, June 9 – 7:30pm 
Book of Clouds + Artist Talkback – $10
This evening begins with Book of Clouds: Iteration III, followed by an artist talkback discussing the work.
7:30pm – Book of Clouds: Iteration III
8:30pm – Twilight Artist Talkback

Saturday, June 10 – 2pm
Free Family Workshop 
Join Time Lapse Dance for a cloud dance workshop. The program is designed for children (ages 5-11) who will be partnered by one parent/caregiver.  Adults and children will move together. Capacity limited — advance preregistration recommended. RSVP link coming soon.

Saturday, June 10 – 3pm 
Book of Clouds Durational Installation – IV
This extended installation-performance will occur from 3pm-9pm, where attendees are welcome to arrive and experience the work at their own pace. Entry to the installation is $10, and all tickets will be sold the same day. Re-entry for patrons who leave and return within the 6 hour period will be subject to venue capacity.


TEMP DCA logoThis program is supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the city council.