Room 29 – European Tour

Kampnagel Center (Hamburg, Germany): March 17-19, 2017 - 8pm
Barbican Centre (London, UK): March 23-25, 2017 - 7:45pm
Volksbühne (Berlin, Germany): March 27-29, 2017 - 8pm
Gaite Lyrique (Paris, France): April 7, 2017
Philharmonie de Paris (Paris, France): July 9, 2017
Kings Theatre (Edinburgh, UK): August 22-24, 2017

TLD dancer Maya Orchin will join the cast of Room 29, a multi-media musical entertainment devised & performed by Chilly Gonzales and Jarvis Cocker, with choreography by Artistic Director Jody Sperling for performances across Europe.

For the past 3 years Gonzales and Cocker have been working on a song-cycle concerning  the goings-on in Room 29 of the Château Marmont hotel in Hollywood. Now, through the music of Gonzales & the words of Cocker –  along with clips from classic Hollywood movies, live dance & audience participation – this room is ready to reveal its secrets for the first time.

For the duration of one evening the entire audience will be occupants of Room 29. Room 29 may be a real location in Hollywood, California –  but it is also a place within each one of us. Through this collection of songs we hope to open the door to that room for all those of you who wish to explore it. How’s that for Room Service?