Skidmore Residency

October 1-6, 2017

“Jody’s week-long campus residency beautifully illustrated the connections that exist between sustainability and the arts. Her programming engaged folks from a variety of disciplines in deep discussion and reflection about the impacts of climate change and prompted individuals to consider the role that the arts, and dance more specifically, can play in climate action. Jody’s residency was well-received and forged new relationships between the Sustainability Office and our Dance Department.” – Levi Rogers, Sustainability Coordinator, Skidmore College

Jody Sperling engages in a weeklong intensive residency with students at Skidmore College. The program is co-sponsored by the Dance Department and the Office of Sustainability. During the residency, Sperling will work with students to create a site-specific performance that enhances an awareness of the relationship of the dancing body to larger ecological systems. She will also teach choreography, modern dance, and share her research in other settings. On Thursday, October 5 at 5:45, Sperling presents her work on a panel on Arts, Climate Change and Activism. Click for Details