Tea Dance

Saturday, April 9, 2011 at 3pm
525 West 22nd Street #5A

Please join us for the Tea Dance, co-hosted by Emily Faulkner and Jody Sperling. Tea Dances are fun, family-friendly performances that are followed by refreshments.

We’re thrilled to present special guest Racoco Productions (see above). Directed by Rachel Cohen, Racoco presents fantastic excavations of ordinary things: vivid idiosyncratic theatrical experiences in which movement, music, humor, emotion, and inanimate objects are inextricably linked. They will be sharing excerpts a new work in progress as well as sections from their recent “If the Shoe Fits,” a retelling of the Cinderella story through a surreal kaleidoscope of dance, baking, vacuuming and 400 square feet of crochet.

Time Lapse Dance presents excerpts from Turbulence, a new work-in-progress. The dancers whip silk into motion to visualize patterns of air disturbance. Swirling and swooping to a brand-new percussion score by Quentin Chiappetta, the women make a dynamic connection between rhythmic and spatial architecture.

Emily Faulkner’s Wind-up Circus presents the finale from their recent work combining acrobatic, circus-inspired spectacle with exquisitely delicate movement and deadpan wit.  Think post-modern dance meets Alice in Wonderland.

Suggested Donation $10
No reservations necessary.