Tea Dances

Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 3pm
525 West 22nd Street #5A

Please join us for this event co-hosted by Emily Faulkner and Jody Sperling. Tea Dances are fun, family-friendly performances that are followed by refreshments.

Three artists will be showing works this evening. Jody offers a sneak preview of her “Present” solo from Present Solo in Time-Lapse FantasyTime-Lapse Fantasy to premiere June 27-29 at Danspace Project. The costume is stunning new creation, constructed by Mary Jo Mecca and painstakingly hand-painted by textile artist Gina Nagy Burns.

Co-host Emily and her partner Morgelyn Tenbeth-Ward will perform their work titled: censored implosion /a work in progress.

Choreographer Rebeca Medina will be showing a work titled Trenza performed by Maggie Bennet, Carly Czach and Rebeca Medina. Costumes by Maggie, Carly and Rebeca. Sound Design by Rebeca Medina.

Rebeca Medina was born in Bogota – Colombia. She is a dancer choreographer, and anthropologist dedicated to researching the connections and tensions between body, time, space, memory, and objects, through improvisation and new interdisciplinary scenic creation.

No Reservations Necessary
$10 Suggested Donation