20th Anniversary Season Online: 20 Years in 20 Weeks

Jody Sperling/Time Lapse Dance (TLD) is celebrating 20 years with 20 weeks of online programing, featuring many interactive events, including livestream conversations, online premieres, workshops, rehearsal visits, and more. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube #TLDAT20

WEEK 13:
Thursday, August 6

7pm EDT – online premiere Ice Cycle – Link will post here
7:30pm EDT – Click to Register for conversation with choreographer Jody Sperling and composer Matthew Burtner

Ice Cycle was the first collaboration between composer Matthew Burtner and choreographer Jody Sperling. Inspired by Sperling’s experience dancing on Arctic sea ice, the work expresses the fragility and dynamism of the polar icescape. Enjoy this new multicam edit of their work and a conversation with choreographer and composer following.

Week 11 Highlight: Watch YouTube Premiere of “Single Use”

Week 1 Highlight: Watch YouTube Premiere of “Wind Rose”

About #TLDat20

“During this time of physical distancing, it’s more important than ever for people to stay actively connected with one another in virtual spaces. Dance is a unifying force, bringing together the moving body with imagination, curiosity, well-being, and larger communities. As we adjust to changing realities, we must each pivot to help envision and enact a future that is more just and sustainable for all. I believe dance has an important role to play in mobilizing this new future. Rather than a simple retrospective, #TLDat20 is our initiative aimed at reflecting on past and present, so as to move boldly into the uncertain territories ahead.” -Jody Sperling, Choreographer/Artistic Director


Week 1: Wind and Breath: Climate Change Music and Dance
Thursday, May 14 at 7pm: YouTube Premiere of “Wind Rose,” followed at 7:30pm by livestream conversation between choreographer Jody Sperling and composer Matthew Burtner. Longtime collaborators, Burtner and Sperling are both acclaimed for their creative engagement with climate change. Their work “Wind Rose” visualizes local and global winds patterns that are changing dramatically along with the earth’s atmosphere. Wind is the breath of the planet, and though invisible, its swirling rhythms drive the forces of life. During the work creation, composer and choreographer discovered a new mode of collaboration that allowed for a synthesis of sound, movement, and airflow. Join the conversation to probe their process.

Friday, May 15 at 11-11:30am: “Breath and Breeze” movement workshop for families and people of all ages. Learn moves from ”Wind Rose” and how to put them together to create a rhythmic breeze.
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Week 2: Costuming: Sustainability and Transformation Conversation & DIY Wksp
Friday, May 22 at 5-6pm

Livestream conversation and DIY workshop with choreographer Jody Sperling and costume designer Lauren Gaston about sustainable costume design. The two will discuss their current collaborative process for a new work, “Plastic Harvest,” which uses single-use plastics as featured material. The conversation will cover issues of sustainability and how costuming can help performers experience an empathic relationship with the environment. The session will conclude with a short DIY at home sustainable design project. Throughout the week TLD will share photos and videos of TLD’s amazing costumes by our outstanding roster of collaborators including Mary Jo Mecca, Gina Nagy Burns, Michelle Ferranti, and E. Shura Pollatsek.

Week 3: Our City Streets, Performance and Reimagination
Friday, May 29 at 2pm
In case you missed it Watch Livestream

Livestream panel with Lisa Orman (Streetopia UWS), Sara Lind (Broadway Task Force/Community Board 7), Jody Sperling, and other guests on how performance can help re-vision street use and design. TLD has produced annual Spot for Dance festivals for Park(ING) Day where artists and activists transform curbside parking spaces into public places. These performance festivals have provided opportunity for community-building around the issue of curbside reform. Social distancing necessitated by the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the urgent need for the city to rethink the streetscape in a way that prioritizes space for pedestrians over vehicles. Join us in this important conversation.

Week 5: Loie Fuller & Pride

Thursday, June 11 at 7pm
Loie Fuller, Vision & Legacy – A Presentation by Jody Sperling
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For Pride Month, Jody Sperling presents a lecture on her muse, the visionary and Queer artist Loie Fuller (1862-1928). Fuller was one of the most celebrated performers of her era, inventing a radically new art form that merged performance and technology in unprecedented ways. One of the “mothers” of modern dance, Fuller also exerted a strong influence on many artistic movements from Art Nouveau to Cubism and Futurism. Sperling, considered the foremost contemporary interpreter of Fuller’s genre, presents an engaging and richly-illustrated lecture on Fuller’s vision, legacy and relevance for her work in today’s highly mediated culture. Join the conversation with Q & A following the talk.

Saturday, June 13 at 11-11:40am
Loie Fuller at Home Workshop with Pillowcases
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Jody Sperling, Loie Fuller scholar and expert, gives a fun do-it-yourself workshop on Loie Fuller technique. Fuller employed enormous silk costumes that extended the body into space. As a teaching tool, Sperling and participants will use pillowcases to experience the expansion and breath of the movement.


Wednesday, June 17 at noon – Sounding In/Sounding Out
A 10-minute sound/movement Instagram Live workshop on letting the breath resonate through your body and then sending it out, making yourself heard–and be counted! It should take less than 10 minutes to complete the census. Go online at my2020census.gov or call 844.467.2020.

Thursday, June 18
7pm – YouTube Premiere of “Turbulence” – Link will post at top of this page
7:30pm – “Turbulence” Talkback with Choreographer Jody Sperling and Physicist Dr. Larry Pratt  – Click to Register or Stream on Facebook

Watch the live YouTube release of Turbulence, one of Time Lapse Dance’s signature Fuller-inspired works. Sperling’s choreography for six dancers distills patterns of air disturbance into kinetic sculptural forms. Features an intricate and rollicking percussion score by Quentin Chiappetta. Following the video release, audiences are invited to a talkback featuring Jody Sperling and physicist Dr. Larry Pratt (Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution) discussing the way fluid dynamics and choreography intersect in the work.

Week 7: You’re Invited!

Friday, June 26 from 11-12:30pm – Open Rehearsal
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Week 8: Go Plastic Bag Free

Friday, July 3 from 11:30-12:15pm – Open Rehearsal with Time Lapse Dance
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Celebrate International Plastic Bag Free Day by visiting an open rehearsal exploring the use of plastic bags as costuming and props. We are experimenting with creating real-time virtual dance experiences and invite you to be part of the process.

Week 10: Dancer Spotlight

Wednesday, July 15 at 9am EDT
Barre Fitness with Morgan Bontz
Instagram Live @mobontz

Friday, July 17 at 3pm EDT
Introduction to Ballet Class with Maki Kitahara – No Experience Necessary!
Instagram Live @maki_k_01

Saturday, July 18 at 2pm EDT
Kids Class with Anika Hunter – ages 10 and under
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Wednesday, July 22
7pm EDT – 
YouTube Premiere Single Use (9 mins)
7:10pm EDT – Click to Watch Zoom Talkback

Choreographer Jody Sperling releases her new film, Single Use, in which she dances on Broadway in a costume fashioned from over 100 reclaimed plastic bags. The piece explores the theme of plastic pollution and offers a mediation on the nature of disposability. Following, please join us for a conversation with choreographer Jody Sperling and Jennifer Congdon of Beyond Plastics on the plastic pollution crisis and what you can do about it.

Wednesday, July 29
7pm EDT – YouTube Premiere Dance Film Fly (4 mins)
7:05pm EDT – Click to Register for Ecokinetics Discussion & Workshop

Choreographer Jody Sperling releases a new short dance film Fly. The film grows out of Sperling’s emerging practice of ecokinetics which explores the relationship between the moving body and environment systems. Following the screening, Sperling will offer an online discussion and workshop on ecokinetics. Participants will learn tools for attending to and embodying environmental and atmospheric motion patterns in their habitats. This workshop is open to movers of all ages and abilities–no dance experience necessary to join.


These programs were/are supported, in part, by public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council and Dance/NYC’s Covid Relief Fund.dclaLogo_color_2