Book of Clouds – UCLA Art|Sci Center Residency

March 16, 2017
Opening Performance | 7:01pm–7:11 pm (10 min)
LASER | 7:15pm–9:00pm

March 17, 2017
Sunrise | 7:00am–7:20am (20 min)
Solar Noon | 1:00pm–1:40pm (40 min)
Sunset | 5:43pm–7:03 pm (80 min)

UCLA Art|Sci Center Gallery
Charles E Young Dr S Los Angeles, California

Artistic Director Jody Sperling travels to UCLA Art|Sci Center in a renewed collaboration with experimental media artist Amy-Claire Huestis and composer Omar Zubair with the new work Book of Clouds.

Book of Clouds is a 24-hour durational performance on the Spring Equinox in Los Angeles—equal hours of light and dark. The March 16th performance will be followed by a Leonardo Art Science Evening Rendezvous (LASER) featuring Machiko Kusahara and Refik Anadol.

Please join us at your own pace in this day-long performance-installation and premiere location of Book of Clouds. Three artists come together using inventive light technologies, movement, and sonic composition to playfully sync to sky rhythms of sun, moon, human, cloud, bird, storm. Book of Clouds inhabits other systems of time, and plays alongside the mathematical system of the clock.

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The work will also be performed on March 18 at 8pm at BETALEVEL in Chinatown, LA.