Ice Cycle at University of Virginia, Old Cabell Hall

Wednesday, May 4, 2016 at 8pm
University of Virginia, Charlottesville
Old Cabell Hall

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New York-based Time Lapse Dance performs Ice Cycle live during Climate Cultures at the University of Virginia. Expressing the fragility and dynamism of the Arctic icescape, Ice Cycle was inspired by choreographer Jody Sperling’s journey to the Chukchi Sea and her experience dancing on polar sea ice. Alaskan-born composer Matthew Burtner, a specialist in the music of snow and ice, collaborated to create an original score for Sperling’s choreography.

Sea ice is endangered by anthropogenic climate change. The Arctic has already lost 80% of its mass, and models predict that by 2040 the Arctic Ocean will be largely ice-free during the summer months. Ice Cycle transports the dynamism and fragility of sea ice to the stage as a multimedia artwork for dance, music, costume, video and light. The porous structure of sea ice, mathematically resembling human bone, undergoes radical transformations throughout the year. The expansive and austere sea ice environment also contains dramatic floes that fracture and collide creating fierce dynamism. The dance and music draw on this energy, mapping environmental cycles into human art.