A Leg Up (2007)

In the spirit of vintage Variety performance, this trio riffs on the exuberant antics of acrobats and contortionists captured in early motion pictures. The dancers get set into gear with a series of high kicks and throughout the piece keep landing in splits. This epilogue to Sperling’s “Inexpensive Trilogy” (Cheap, 1999; Cheaper, 2003; Cheapest, 2005) is sure to amuse young and old. (16 minutes)

DANCERS: Emily Lutin, Andrea Skurr & Chriselle Tidrick
ORIGINAL SCORE: Quentin Chiappetta
LIGHTING: David Ferri / COSTUMES: Michelle Ferranti

“ [The dancers] wrap themselves around one another, forming bouquets of legs, solving challenges in three-dimensional design – geometry problems come to life.” —Elizabeth Zimmer, Gay City News