Cheapest (2005)

The third installment of the “Inexpensive Trilogy” (after the solo Cheap, and the duet Cheaper). This trio ups the ante on the theme of doing tricks. Here, the dancers challenge the limits of their strength and flexibility with feats culled from contortion acts, yogic competitions, and acrobatic partnering. At times the dancers get stuck in oddly twisted ways and only through collaborative pretzelling, can they free their bodies. Michelle Ferranti’s colorfully-striped unitards enhance the choreography’s tangled shapes.

DANCERS: Lisa Natoli, Ashley Sowell & Jody Sperling
ORIGINAL SCORE: Quentin Chiappetta
COSTUMES: Michelle Ferranti

“The boozy score of another trio, Cheapest, is redolent of a carnival sideshow contortion act. If David Lynch staged clowns at Coney Island, they might act something like this. An ambiguous humor emerges from the dancers’ affect, which often seems eerily removed from their preposterous, wince-inducing flexibility.” –Chris Dohse, New York Press


photos by Julie Lemberger