Debussy Soirée (2005)

Clair de lune

A stunning synthesis of light, movement and music. Each musical phrase by Debussy is illustrated by designer David Ferri with a palette of 44 colors. Lavenders, blues and cyans highlight themes from “Clair de Lune.” “La Soirée dans Grenada” finds expression in the spectrum of the a sunset and “Feux d’artifice” (Fireworks) features explosive bursts of lime, magenta, scarlet, and many other hues. Michelle Ferranti’s costume has a fourteen-foot wing span, that Sperling swirls into huge, multi-faceted iridescent shapes. (15 minutes)
CHOREOGRAPHY: Jody Sperling / DANCER: Jody Sperling
MUSIC: Claude Debussy / PIANO: Jeffrey Middleton
LIGHTING: David Ferri / COSTUME: Michelle Ferranti




“David Ferri’s stunning lighting–in 44 colors–transformed [Sperling] into a bird, an orchid and a slowly burning candle.” –Gia Kourlas, The New York Times

“In the lovely new three-part Debussy Soirée, Sperling’s circular silk garment almost fills the stage. Her brilliant lighting collaborator, David Ferri, stains the swirling fabric blue-green, moon gold, dawn pink, and more, while Sperling, wielding long sticks beneath the fabric, creates huge wings and rippling waves. For “Evening in Granada,” the peach-colored calyx that she spins up around herself turns into flames.” –Deborah Jowitt, The Village Voice 

“She might be a mother-of-pearl anemone-butterfly Christmas-tree angel, soothing and ethereal.” –Chris Dohse, New York Press 

“a masterful work of resplendent yet restrained evocation of the supernatural.” –Philip Sandstrom, Dance Insider

 photo by Julie Lemberger