Hoop Act (2005)

In this virtuosic “number,” Sperling twirls first one, then two and finally three hoops aloft, while flirtatiously engaging the audience. Funny and daring. (5 mins)

CHOREOGRPAHY: Jody Sperling / DANCER: Jody Sperling
LIGHTING: David Ferri / COSTUME: Michelle Ferranti


“draws on the artful physicality and naive exhibitionism that made its way into circuses, variety shows, and early films.” 
—Marcia Siegel, Boston Phoenix

“Constant turns in Sperling’s solo Hoop Act set large hula hoops revolving about her . . . These evocations of brash old-fashioned music-hall entertainments paid tribute to the fun of stunts.”—Jack Anderson, New York Theatre Wire


photos by Briana Blasko