La Nuit (2003)

La Nuit 2

Photographs of Loie Fuller’s La Nuit were the inspiration for this enchanting solo. Moving in a costume ingeniously constructed from layers of black silk and gold-sequin-studded tulle, Sperling evokes imagery ranging from the dark evening sky to glittering stellar constellations. As day breaks, the dance ends with a contemporary twist. (8 minutes)

MUSIC: John Cage / PIANO: Jeffrey Middleton
LIGHTING: David Ferri / COSTUME: Michelle Ferranti

“The solo evolves as slowly as the sunrise. Billowing like an Erte lamp come to life, Sperling makes sounds of thunder and all kinds of weather by flapping her wings, with stars shining from under her skirts.” –Chris Dohse, New York Press

“Ms. Ferranti’s sparking dress swirled like a glittering wave.”
 -Gia Kourlas, The New York Times

“where the night sky unfolds its glitter in the ruffling of her long skirt and billowing robe” —Eva Yaa Asantewaa, on-line review

“A là Fuller, Sperling in black, billowing cape transforms herself into a creature of the night; she emerges as a dark and foreboding presence with her black cape draped over her body, her white face peering out like one of Macbeth’s witches gone astray. As the billowing increases, the fabric is folded and refolded, and manipulated with a magical dexterity, eventually revealing a stunning tulle evening gown that shimmers and sparkles. Its almost as if costume designer Michelle Ferranti had cut a swath of starlit sky for Sperling to don. But more than just costume as transformation, Sperling moves with intrinsic grace and command, conjuring the essence of evening.” -Vanessa Manko, Dance Insider


Photo by Julie Lemberger