Serpentine Dance (1999)

SerpentineSperling blended scholarship and imagination to reimagine this first work of modern dance pioneer Loie Fuller from 1891. An examination of the historical record–including the court documents of Fuller’s lawsuit against an early imitator–provided the groundwork for this refreshing and convincing interpretation. In true Fuller style, Sperling spins her voluminous silk skirts into motion, creating captivating, moving sculptures about her body. (8 minutes)

CHOREOGRAPHY: Jody Sperling / DANCER: Jody Sperling
MUSIC: Ernest Gillet’s / PIANO: Jeffrey Middleton
COSTUME: E. Shura Pollatsek

“She brought dance history to vivid life through an alliance of sound scholarship, aesthetic sensitivity, and a finely honed dancing body.” –George Dorris (Co-Editor Dance Chronicle)