Trapeze Disrobing Act (2000)

trapezeIn this humorous play on the pleasures and perils of voyeurism, Sperling sheds multiple layers of clothes all the while dangle from, and executing tricks, on a trapeze. The dance was inspired by a 1901 Edison film. (8 minutes)

MUSIC: Various


“a sly joke on voyeurism.” –Miriam Siedel, Philadelphia Inquirer

“wonderful” –Darrah Carr, Dance Insider

“the ever-popular ‘Trapeze Disrobing Act’ …was a treat. The dead-pan delivery, dexterity and darn funny idea of going from parka to bikini via tuxedo, fatigues and a flouncy gown, while dangling on a trapeze was genius. Unfurling a large Canadian flag deftly tucked in the back of star-spangled panties has more political undertones than I care to consider, but it’s a kick-ass finale.” –Shena Wilson, Dance Insider