Winded (2001)

To original accordion music by Quentin Chiappetta, Sperling grapples with her trapeze in a defiant struggle to get aloft. In the end she succeeds in flying with a whirligig finale of upside-down, accelerated spinning. (12 minutes)

CHOREOGRAPHY: Jody Sperling / DANCER: Jody Sperling
ORIGINAL SCORE: Quentin Chiappetta

“Jody Sperling is at her athletic best dancing Winded, wherein she explores the mythic, eternal struggle of Woman vs. Trapeze.” –Ryan Godfrey, Philadelphia’s City Paper

“Sperling’s work often seems to be about spunk. In ‘Winded’ she is the girl determined to master the low-flying trapeze.” 
–Merilyn Jackson, Philadelphia Inquirer